Carmel Gat

Kibbutz Be'eri

Carmel, 39, is an occupational therapist. She was born in Kibbutz Be’eri, and now lives in Tel Aviv. She was visiting her parents in Be’eri on October 7. 

Carmel is a very caring person. She wanted to continue to excel in her chosen field, and loved to travel the world and meet new people, connect with them and help improve their lives. She also loves music and attending concerts. 

On Saturday, October 7th, Carmel was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from her parents’ home in Be’eri, along with her mother, Kinneret. That is all that that is known about Carmel’s condition and whereabouts. It is unknown what exactly happened to her on route to Gaza. It is possible that a Hamas video showing her may have surfaced.

On October 15, officials informed the family that Kinneret’s body had been located: she had been murdered by Hamas.

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