Efrat Katz

Nir Oz

Kidnapped from her home

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Or Levy

Was at the outdoor rave near Re’im

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Ronen Engel RIP

Kidnapped from his home with his family

54 •
Nir Oz

Yossi Sharabi RIP

Yossi is the Head of the Sharabi family. He is married to Nira, and together they have three daughters: Yuval…

53 •
Kibbutz Be'eri

Yoram Metzger

Kidnapped from his home

80 •
Nir Oz

Almog Meir Jan

Was at the outdoor rave near Re’im

21 •
Or Yehuda

Evyatar Kipnis RIP

Evyatar Kipnis, 65 years old from Kibbutz Be’eri. Evyatar has a chronic neurological disease and requires regular medical treatment, including…

65 •
Kibbutz Be'eri