Idan Shtivi

Reim festival

Idan is 28 years old and lives in Tel Aviv. He is a second-year student at Reichman University, doing a major in their Sustainability program. Idan has two siblings, Omri and Hila. A week before the Hamas attack, he adopted a dog and was making plans to move into a new apartment with his girlfriend, Stav. 

He loves nature, camping, free-diving, and music. He is a real people person with many friends. Idan is level-headed and always instills confidence in those around him – someone you can always count on. His family and friends think of him as someone who could survive in extreme conditions, as he is very resourcefulness. He has a burning desire to do good and leave a positive impact in the world. Idan is planning to work in the energy sector to combat climate change, and to join a volunteer program in Africa that aids children.

At 6:00AM On October 7, Idan joined the party in Re’im and was a volunteer photographer, documenting the event. Around 07:00AM he told his girlfriend, who had called, that missiles were being shot overhead and that he was leaving the party.  Although he had just arrived at the party with a group of friends (who managed to survive), he began to flee north with two other friends, Lior and Yulia, trying to assist them after recognizing that Lior was unable to drive. When the terrorists blocked the road heading north, Idan turned the car around and started driving south. After the car was driven off the road, he lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. This is where Idan was last seen.  The car was found, full of bullet holes and blood. The two friends who were with him were found murdered. Idan’s whereabouts are unknown, and we do not know what has happened to him.

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