Maya Goren RIP

Kibbutz Nir Oz

Maya, married to Avner RIP who was murdered by Hamas terrorists on October 7, is mother to Asif – 25 yrs, Bar-23 yrs , Gal-21 yrs  and Dekel-18 and a half years old. 

Kibbutz Nir Oz became Maya’s home after she married Avner, who was born on the Kibbutz.  Her amazing devotion to the Kibbutz’s kindergarten-aged children made Maya a familiar and much-loved figure in her Kibbutz. 

Smadar, Maya’s sister-in-law and Avner’s RIP sister, describes her as hardworking, professional and passionate person; a devoted mother who chose to invest in her four children. 

She’s a modest person, never asking for much for herself.

Maya is exceptionally thoughtful and attentive to those around her and takes excellent care of everyone – young or old. 

On her family members birthdays, she always sets an elaborately decorated birthday table (regardless of the age of the celebrant) full of balloons, candies and chocolates. The birthdays cards she writes are full of good wishes, and she knows exactly what birthday gifts to get them.  

In recent years, as their children grew up, Maya and Avner RIP traveled both in Israel and abroad, and participated in various workshops exploring their hobbies such as a carpentry workshop and chocolate making. 

At 06:00am on Saturday, October 7, 2023, Maya left her house on the Kibbutz and headed to the nursery to organize and set things up for the kids, once again highlighting her extreme dedication to her job. She was in contact with her son when the Hamas attack began and hid in the nursery. 

Later that day, all communication with her ceased and the family was informed that she had been abducted to Gaza, her physical condition unknown. 

Her late husband, Avner, remained in the house and locked himself in the safe room. The last note from him was at 10:30 a.m.  He wrote that he can hear the voices of the terrorists inside the house and that they are trying to break the safe room door. He communicated that he must hold the safe door shut and cannot continue typing. Initially, Avner was reported missing and then presumed to be taken hostage. Ten days later, his family received the devastating news that he had been murdered. The family dog, Scar, was shot inside the safe room.Smadar notes: “Maya doesn’t know that Avner, her husband, was murdered by the Hamas terrorists. Maya’s four children miss her terribly, as do the entire extended family. I, their aunt, am doing my best to wrap them in love and support them until their mother’s safe return.”

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