Omer Shem Tov


Was at the outdoor rave near Re’im

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Naama Levy

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Noa Argamani

Was at the outdoor rave near Re’im

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Be’er Sheva

Chaim Peri

My husband Haim, age 79.5, is a father of five and grandfather of thirteen, peace activist and artist. He is…

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Nir Oz

Eitan Horn

Kidnapped from his home together with his brother

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Nir Oz

Shlomi Ziv

My brother, Shlomi wholesale distributor and interior designer, 40, is smart, witty, extremely kind, compassionate, and a loving husband to…

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Kiryat Bialik

Noya Sharabi RIP

Noya Sharabi, 17 From: Kibbutz Be’eri.  Since the morning of the terror attack on October 7th morning, there has been…

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Kibbutz Be'eri