Noa Argamani

Be’er Sheva

Was at the outdoor rave near Re’im

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Bar Kuperstein

Was at the outdoor rave near Re’im

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Aryeh (Zalman) Zalmanovich RIP

Eighty-five-year-old Aryeh Zalmanovich, also known as Zalman, is one of the founding fathers of Kibbutz Nir Oz, where he came…

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Kibbutz Nir Oz

Shlomi Ziv

My brother, Shlomi wholesale distributor and interior designer, 40, is smart, witty, extremely kind, compassionate, and a loving husband to…

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Kiryat Bialik

Idan Alexander

Soldier in the 51st Battalion

19 •
United States

Alexander Dancyg

A conversation with Ben Danzig, his son, which took place on November 12, 2023 with Prof. Liat Hamama, and also…

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Nir Oz

Ariel Cunio

Ariel is my youngest child and a devoted partner to Arbel Yehud (also kidnapped). Ariel loves to hang out with…

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Kibbutz Nir Oz