Dolev Yahod

Nir Oz

Dolev Yehoud, 35, is married to Sigal and a father of four. He is a family man – dedicates all his free time to his wife and kids, as well as taking care of his parents, and helping his siblings. 

Dolev is a people person, he enjoys having his friends over for coffee or beer and tries to do it on a daily basis. 

Humor is a big part of his life, side by side with having both feet on the ground. He enjoys watching stand-up shows and listening to both comedy and current affairs podcasts. 

Dolev keeps in shape and exercises regularly. He volunteers in 2 medical organizations – “Magen David Adom” and “Unitet Hatzalah”. 

Dolev works at Qplus – a constructions and engineering company – in a QA role.  

On October 7th Dolev was kidnapped to Gaza during Hamas terrorists brutal and vicious attack on his Kibbutz – Nir Oz. 
Arbel Yehoud, his younger sister (28 Y) was also kidnapped during that attack.

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