Yoram Metzger

Nir Oz

Kidnapped from his home

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Noa Argamani

Was at the outdoor rave near Re’im

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Be’er Sheva

Lior Rudaeff

Member of the community’s security squad, kidnapped during battle

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Nir Yitzhak

Efrat Katz

Kidnapped from her home

68 •
Nir Oz

Yoram Metzger

Kidnapped from his home

80 •
Nir Oz

Eli Sharabi

Eli’s wife – Lian, their daughters Noya (17) and Yahel (13) were all murdered during Hamas terrorists attack on Kibbutz…

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Kibbutz Be'eri

Oded Lifshitz

Oded, 83 years old, was born in Haifa and was a student at Shomer Ha’Tsa’ir.  He came to Nir Oz…

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Kibbutz Nir Oz