David Cunio

Nir Oz

My son David is “a kind and loving soul,” a sensitive, devoted and caring person. David, 33, is married to Sharon and the father to 3-year-old twin girls. David, an electrical engineer, is an extremely devoted and loving father, who enjoys spending time playing, reading stories and cuddling with his daughters. David shares a strong bond with his twin brother, Eitan, and as children they acted together in the film “The Youth” staring Moshe Ivgi.

On Friday, October 6, David’s extended family gathered for a holiday dinner in Kibbutz Nir Oz. The family matriarch, David’s grandmother, shared just how thrilled she was to have all 20 family members sitting together around the table. The brutal attack occurred just a few hours later. 

On October 7, David, his wife, 2 children and younger brother, Ariel, were taken hostage and kidnapped to Gaza by Hamas terrorists. 

Interviewee: Luis and Sylvia Konio, David’s parents 

Name: Emma Konio, 3

From: Kibbutz Nir Oz

My granddaughter Emma, 3, is a “tomboy,” who loves sports and physical activity. She loves to have stories read to her, and knows what the next page says before we even turn to it. She enjoys putting together complicated puzzles, and she loves to draw and create shapes with modeling clay.

On October 7, Emma, along with her identical twin sister, Yuli, parents (David and Sharon), and uncle (Ariel) was kidnapped from her home and taken to Gaza by Hamas terrorists.  

Interviewee: Luis and Sylvia Konio, Emma’s grandparents

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