Yossi Sharabi RIP

Kibbutz Be'eri

Yossi is the Head of the Sharabi family. He is married to Nira, and together they have three daughters: Yuval (17), Ofir (14) and Oren (13). 

Nira describes the horrible morning of Octoer 7th, a morning they will never forget. 

In that morning, Ofir Engel, Yuval’s boyfriend hid in the safe room with the Sharabi family. Ofir is a member of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. 

Nira describes in detail the hell they experienced on the day of the attack –  a day they will never forget. She describes how they fought to keep the door to the safe room closed, and how eventually Hamas terrorists managed to break in. 

After shooting the family dog, the family members were ordered to leave the house. The terrorists took the car keys, their phones, and led them towards the neighborhood, they tied Yossi’s hands and took Ofir Engel with them. Nira managed to hide with her daughters until help came many hours later. 

Nira says the sights of the abductees and the screams of the murdered victims were engraved in their souls.

“We don’t cry. Yuval sings a song she wrote for Ofir and I’m talking to you. Waiting and praying”

Ofir Engel was kidnapped together with Yossi. 

Yossi’s brother, Eli, was also kidnapped by Hamas. 

Yossi and Eli loved life. They were family and community members, and they are both described as humble and willing to give to everyone.

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