Shlomi Ziv

Kiryat Bialik

My brother, Shlomi wholesale distributor and interior designer, 40, is smart, witty, extremely kind, compassionate, and a loving husband to his wife, Miran. 

Shlomi enjoys watching historical films and racing cars. He is a wholesale distributor, but recently he went to school to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an interior designer and just graduated.

On Saturday, October 7, Shlomi was working as a security guard at the Nova party near Kibbutz Reim. At 7:30 AM he called me to tell me that he was stuck in traffic while attempting to flee from the location. He seemed confident that he would make it out. At 8:14 AM he answered a call from our older sister, Revital, and said, while running: “I’ll call you back…” That was the last contact we had with Shlomi.

Interviewee: Adi Kikozashvili, Shlomi’s sister 

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